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This machine is designed as the top-quality machine.
The handpiece is made from metal and it is shiny and beautiful.
This elegant machine fits your gorgeous nail salon.
The flat type on-off and forward-reverse switch is equipped on the controller,
and it is comfortable to use even with long artificial nails.
We confidently introduce this nail machine as your partner.

•When it is overloaded, the controller will stop rotation automatically.
•Feedback function is for keeping rotation speed even if it was used with high pressure.
•Forward and reverse switch is equipped
•Rotation stops quickly when turning off.

G5 Controller

Output : DC2.2V~30V
Dimensions : W117 x D147 x H89 mm
Weight : 1.4 kg

G5 Motor Handpiece

Dimensions : Φ23.6(MAX) x 129(L)mm
Weight : 180g (not including motor cord)
Rotation speed : 2000 ~ 28000 rpm

It is not possible to connect the other handpiece

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