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Nails Table Screen Shield Protective Acrylic Glass

SPITCH / SNEEED HYGIENE CORONA Protective Barrier Acrylic Acrylic Glass For nails desk screen and office 

Size: W65cm H60cm

∙ High quality own development
∙ Prevents direct droplet transmission
∙ Protects against current and flu viruses
∙ UV-stable and durable
∙ Easy to clean
∙ Transparent and Translucent
∙ Passing each variant differently

Effective and mobile hygiene protection wall for self-protection and protection of your customers from direct, possible contamination caused by droplet infection & epidemics, such as the current coronavirus or the flu. For detached lineup on nail and cosmetic tables or sales counters. Stands stable and stable due to acrylic corner feet with double sided special adhesive tape.