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EMME Super Glossy Non Wipe Gel Top Coat 1000ml & 250ml bottle.

Design for professional nails technician and nails salon owner

EMME Super Glossy Gel Top Coat is designed to give your beautiful gel nails that long lasting, extra glossy finish

This no-wipe Top Coat is the perfect finish to any manicure!

  •          Works perfectly over gel Polish
  •          Mirror Shine Finish compared to other top coats
  •          Strong and durable
  •          No Gel Cleanser required
  •          No tacky residue after curing
  •          Chip Resistant
  •          Soak Off
  •          LED / UV Curable

Application Instructions:

    1.     Prepare Nails (push back & cut cuticles, file nail surface and shape nails)
    2.     Apply Gel Bonder Dehydrator to the nails
    3.     Apply a thin coat of your chosen Gel Polish colour
    4.     Cure - LED 30 Secs / UV 60 Secs
    5.     Apply 2nd coat and cure
    6.     Apply a coat of
  1. EMME No Wipe Top Coat Super Glossy Gel Top Coat and cure
  2.     No wiping or cleansing – Now your nails are complete!


Removal Instructions:

  1.     Buff the surface of your Gel nails with a nail file to remove the shine
  2.     Soak a cotton ball in acetone / Gel Polish Remover and place it directly on top of your nail.
  3.     Wrap each finger with a small piece of foil holding the cotton wool ball in place
  4.     After 10 to 15 minutes, the gel on your nails should be very soft and easily scraped off with a manicure tool or cuticle stick.
  5.     Gently buff your nails Foam file to leave a smooth finish.

 (Alternatively use Foil Gel Polish Removal Wraps and soak the cotton pad in Acetone Gel Polish Remover, instead of Cotton wool balls and foil)