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The GiGi Pro 1 Kit is a complete professional hair removal system that contains everything the professional esthetician needs.

The GiGi Pro 1 Kit includes an array of lotions, cleansing products, GiGi All Purpose Honee, GiGi Facial Honee, a 14 oz. Professional Warmer and an instructional DVD.

Kit Includes: Honee Warmer 14 oz All Purpose Honee 14 oz Facial Honee 14 oz Pre Hon 4 oz Pre Epilation Powder 2.5 oz Post Epilation Lotion 4 oz Post Wax Cooling Gel 4 oz Slow Grow 4 oz Natural Muslin Strips small 50 Natural Muslin Strips large 50 Wax Off 4 oz Warmer Collars 14 oz 10 Applicators petite 20 Rest Bars 3 Applicators small 20 Accu Edge Applicators large 20 Instructional Manual Instructional DVD